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Today I was extremely excited to learn about a Scottish dessert- Cranachan ;] It's a mix of raspberries, whipped cream, oat flakes and of course whisky; it sounded quite intreguing. So intreguing that I couldn't stop myself and during my free time I didn't hesitate to try this quick pudding. One of the traditional recipes says that you mix together whipped cream, raspberries, oat flakes, alcohol and honey, but I thought that it wouldn't look that great. That's why I decided to prepare it like an Eton Mess. Traditionally it is served with fresh raspberries, but in winter they are a bit hard to get ;p


300 ml double cream
2 tablespoons whiskey
aprox 250 g raspberries from syroup
50 g sugar
120 g oat flakes
running honey
vanilla sugar

Put sugar into pan, add 2 tablespoons of water and simmer.

In the mean time put oat flakes into a hot fryingpan and fry until golden. Put the golden flakes into a glass bowl- it will stop them from continuing to fry ;p

Stir flakes with ready caramel, and put them on some baking paper until they cool down.

Whip double cream with one tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of vanilla sugar.

At the end add whiskey.

Layer all of the ingredients in tall glasses.

Put honey on flakes.

It tastes the best served straight after being prepared ;]

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