czwartek, 14 marca 2013

Apple and Rasberry Crumble

Today I'm returning back to English cuisine and also one of my healthier puddngs i.e. fruit crumble. In Great Britain it is quite popular dish served in a sweet or savoury version. Personally I prefer the fruity variants - In fact you can use different mixes of fruits- apple and blackcurrant, apple and rhubarb, apple, plum and cherry or just apples. For my first crumble, I chose apples and rasberries ;p


about 200g rasberries
one apple
60g unsalted butter
55g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
75g sugar (I used brown)+ some sugar for fruits
55g almonds
1 teaspoon cinamon
1 tablespoon honey

Wash and dry fruits. Peel apple and slice into cubes. Preheat oven to 180.

Mince almonds.

Place fruit into ramekin (you will need about 4 of them).

You can add some sugar to the raspberries - mine were a bit sour ;(

Mix flour with butter to make crumble.

Add almond, sugar...

... cinnamon and honey. Mix well.

With a tablespoon add the crumble on top of fruits.

Put into the oven for about 25 minutes- until golden.

Serve crumble hot, sprinkle with icing sugar. it tastes great with ice cream or custard :)

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