czwartek, 7 lutego 2013


Today is fat Thursday- in Poland we celebrate this day by eating lots of doughnuts or 'faworki'. It’s the last Thursday before great week- so in our tradition you’re allowed to eat lots. Anyway I don’t like doughnuts, so I made faworki. I made them quickly, because I had to go to work… aaa and this time my brother helped me with photos.


1 glass of flour
2 egg yolks
½ glass of sour cream
a pinch of salt
Oil to fry
Icing sugar

All ingredients knead to a consistent cake.

Put some flour on the side and roll cake really thin.

Cut it into rhombus and make a little hole in the middle of each. 

Here is a small guide of how to make them.  ;p

It takes a bit of time to roll them all.

When they are ready- put them into a pan with hot oil.

Wait until they turn golden and put on plate with kitchen paper towel.

Sprinkle with icing sugar and crunch them ;p

Dobrze, że przynajmniej w jedne dzień w roku można obżerać się i nie mieć wyrzutów sumienia :P

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  1. Takie faworki muszą się udać! - zachwycają mnie twoje dokładne foto instrukcje :) świetny pomysł, pozdrawiam!
    ps. a faworka jednego podkradam ;)